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I honestly thought I was done for, I watched the news this morning and it was telling everyone to (basically) be prepared for failure and I was freaking out. I was SO nervous and honestly expected C’s and D’s… And now I’m so proud of myself, and the grades I got: 3 A’s and 6 B’s!
- Some people may not share my happiness, and may be disappointed with themselves, if you tried your hardest you should be proud of that. Also everyone has different academic abilities, no one is the same so don’t compare yourself to those around you. You may be better at practical work rather than exams. Just because you didn’t do as well as you liked doesn’t mean you can’t still carry on learning, there are many different routes and course available for you to take that will get you where you want to be!!!


prayer circle for all those collecting GCSE results tomorrow


no matter what the news please remember GCSE results are NOT the end of the world, you have options and choices, so please don’t harm yourself and remember your mental and physical health is more important than a couple of letters on a piece of paper!! Stay safe everyone and congratulations in advance!